JoAnne is an internationally recognised photographer who has worked and exhibited in the United Kingdom, Italy and South Africa. She has become one of Italy’s most popular wedding photographers because of her truly unique approach: It’s all about you. She knows that a deep connection with the wedding couple is critical, and will go to extraordinary lengths to get to know her clients in order to deliver exactly what they were hoping for.

Classically trained with a fine art background, JoAnne does not limit herself to any style, but adapts to shoot photos that correspond to her clients’ wishes. Racing and diving, she will not stop until the last moment to immortalize a special gesture, that magical light or even those comical moments that should not be forgotten.

JoAnne’s intimate and individual approach to wedding photography is not to everybody’s taste. She has been known to turn down weddings if she feels her approach does not match with the wishes of her clients, or if she didn’t feel a deep connection with them-testament to her professionalism and integrity as an artist.

JoAnne understands that it is not easy letting someone into your world and heart. But the reward will be images so personal that the only other person who would have been able to take them, would have been you.

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