Our Philosophy

Personal Fusion Wedding Photography

Deliciously different photography, based on your unique ideas and personality.
Let memories of your own Dolce Vita be served up in 1950s black and white elegance. Or live out your fashion photo shoot dreams-eyes wide, hair wild and tousled-on an empty beach at sunset. Whatever your wishes, whatever your dreams, personal fusion photography tears up the rulebook of wedding photography and produces memories that truly reflect the unique combination of everything that makes up you…

Why Wedding Photography?

Capturing those delicious moments, forever.
Your wedding is one of the most treasured events in your life, filled with emotional, meaningful and candid moments. Yet this day can slip by in a blur. Professional wedding photography can keep the memories fresh and allow you to travel back to the magic of that day. It can even capture the moments you missed.

Our Philosophy

Your day, your way.
At Joanne Dunn Photographers we know every wedding is unique. Some brides pour over fashion editorials and want an album in a similar style. Others want to be disturbed as little as possible. Most couples have parents who hope for something a little classical. As a team, we can offer you a service that keeps everybody happy with a minimum of fuss.  We approach each wedding uniquely, familiarising  ourselves with  your photography dreams, understanding your vision and incorporating your inspiration.

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