Catholic Destination Wedding Amalfi

Destination Wedding Amalfi

The great monumental St. Andrea, Duomo di Amalfi (Saint Andrews Church) overshadows the main piazza of Amalfi. It is impossible to miss as you stroll through the centre of the historical town centre. It draws you in, mesmerises you and asks you to admire it. The towering set of church steps, home to many hours of people watching, that lead to the church entrance are an unforgettable wedding entrance for any bride to walk down the aisle. No wedding here goes unnoticed. Taylor and Tyler, a stunning young Australian couple, chose this breathtaking church, for their intimate Italian catholic wedding ceremony. Catholic Church Destination Weddings here in the Duomo are always memorable. Foreigners that sit in the immense rows of church pews, mixed in with the locals, those eager to just hear an international catholic mass. The sacred wedding ceremonies in the Duomo, complete with traditional church organ music, always come to a close with newly wedded couple, making a grand exit, becoming covered in wedding rice (for luck), Italian confetti and rose petals, strolling back down the empowering church steps, all again as the locals and passerbyers watch in awe and admiration.

For this intimate destination wedding, the traditional church ceremony was followed by cocktail hour, and an elegant, candlelit dinner on the famous Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Paseggiata dei Monaci terrace. The once 13th century monastery is now a refurbished, contemporary hotel with one of the most spectacular & unique panormas of the Amalfi and its coastline.

Bridal Preparation: Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa
Wedding Ceremony: St. Andrews Church – Amalfi Duomo
Wedding Reception: Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi
Wedding Planner: The Amalfi Experience

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