Italian Hillside Village – Torello Fireworks

Amalfi Coast Fireworks

If you’ve never seen an Amalfi Coast Fireworks display then you need to add this to your bucket list. The local fireworks displays during the patron saint festivals in each small amalfi coast village, are some of the most incredible world class displays that you will ever see and hear. And one small little hillside village, Torello, sitting on the famous Ravello hillside, in the heart of the Amalfi coast, does it the best. The houses, the church, the laneways all lit up with fairy lights, making the town seem surreal – something out of a fairytale. The whole sky seems alight with colour – with blues, greens, pinks and reds, fireworks falling on the fairy lit houses. The most lovely of all – the pride and joy on the faces of the locals as thousands of visitors flock to admire their tiny old town.

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