Ravello – Close to heaven

The charismatic and picturesque town of Ravello perches on a cliff 350 metres above the sea. The sharp drop gives the impression of looking down from a window in the sky. Its piazzas and terraces offer countless gorgeous panorama views of the Amalfi coastline, the endless Mediterranean, and surrounding vineyards and lush gardens.
Ravello was an important town of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, a trading power in the Mediterranean region between 800 and 1200 AD. It has also been a cultural hotspot in the twentieth century, and has been a favourite of great artists and writers including E. M. Foster and Virginia Woolf.
Ravello and its surrounding mountains are inhabited by a little tribe of folk musicians and dancers. It is a place of music. Some are classically trained and others play Jazz, but their love is for folk. In the summer, concerts are held in the village in styles ranging from jazz to opera. Every year, since the nineteen twenties, Ravello has been home to the Wagner Music Festival. It is held in the hot summer months of July, attracting some of the most important musicians & celebrities, concerts set in the very gardens which inspired the master, are performed in front of sea, sky, clouds, mist and specks of colour and light
There are times when Ravello is particularly dangerous to self control. As different trees and fruit trees blossom and bloom in spring and early summer, they can quite confuse a restless soul. The sensation is similar to being in-love. The fact that one is at the top of a mountain looking down does something quite wonderful to the head and heart. Add a little sublime music of your choice and well it’s the perfect place to cast a love spell.

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