Minimising Photoshop

Bridal Dress Straps.
Ladies cut off your dress hanger straps from your dress. Put them aside so that they can be re-sewn or pined back to the dress. Without fail, they always pop out from under your arms on the wedding day.

Visible bras.
Again ladies if your dress allows, have an in-built bra fitted. Or ensure that you purchase a bra that is perfect for your dress. White dresses & a nude bra do not go together. Strapless dresses & high cut bras don’t either.

Suntan lines.
Pay extra attention when going out in the sun the week prior to wedding day. If you are out in the sun, cover up or wear appropriate clothing to help avoid lines.

Double chins.
A good photographer will tell you when you chin isn’t looking its best. Give your photographer the extra 5 seconds required to remind you of your posture.

Droopy buttonholes/boutonnieres.
If these start to get tired looking and droopy on the day – loose it. Or ask your florist to have a spare on hand once you get to the reception venue.

Teeth Whitening.
Smokers or coffee drinkers – haveyour teeth cleaned and whitened before the big day. This is one of the best preparation investments you can make.

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